The My Athlete Platform

We do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on catching every great moment in the game. Our end-to-end technology solution ensures your viewers will see the highest quality streams from their mobile devices.

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Key Features

The My Athlete Platform provides everything your school needs to live stream your events and allow parents and family members to watch live and recorded events from their mobile devices.


Stream your games to the My Athlete platform from any video encoder or software that supports RTMP. We handle the details to ensure your end users can watch seamlessly on their devices.


Your users can watch your games through our app, available for iOS and Android. All of your games are saved and made available for streaming through our app at any time.


We want to help strengthen your youth sports programs. Our platform allows you to generate sponsorship revenue by placing image and video ads within our mobile app.

What You Get

Below are just some of the many sophisticated technology features provided by the My Athlete platform.


We provide you with a dedicated streaming account so that you can stream games in high def to the our platform at any time and from any location.


The My Athlete platform takes your video and encodes it into several different bitrates for smooth streaming back to your end users.


Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures that your end users get the fastest streaming experience possible with minimal latency.

Mobile App

The free My Athlete mobile app allows users to watch thousands of games live and on demand from anywhere in the world.

The My Athlete mobile app allows parents, family, an frields to upload and share their own photos, further enhancing the experience for everyone.


The service you give is awesome. I have heard a lot of people talk on how nice this is for their families. My in-laws watched the games from Palm Springs, California. Our family also watched from Perham, MN. Keep up the great work!


I just wanted you to know that I've received lots of compliments on your website. Family & friends from all over the country are enjoying being able to watch the MLS basketball games. I'm so glad I found you guys! Keep up the good work!


I know a lot of athletic directors used to use the cube & this is even better! Thanks again.


Amazing customer service and thanks so much. Love it!!!


We wanted to thank you for the app and making it possible to watch our granddaughter compete in the state dance competition from Minneapolis. What a wonderful service you provide. Thank you from both of us.

Jon and Mary

This is absolutely an amazing app!!! Has been so great during NDADD state dance competition for us to be in the know of what's going on when we are in back waiting to dance!


I must let you know that I love this app! Watching the championship game while in Phoenix with out older son's team it was like I was right there in North Dakota watching! Such a clear picture and great commentating. I wish more tournaments would use this.


I am a proud great aunt of a basketball player at Our Redeemer's. I live in Oregon and this is a wonderful way for me to get to see her play!! She is a 7th grader playing high school ball so is pretty impressive to watch! 🙂 Thank you!

Proud Aunt

As a grandmother who lives too far to come to watch in person, I want to thank you for the opportunity to see the team perform live.


Its been a long time since I've gotten to watch my high school dance team and was thrilled to see NDADD use your platform to broadcast the State performances. Brought back so many memories and I got to support "my" team from Minnesota. GREAT company idea!


Thank you to My Athlete for providing me the opportunity to watch my grandson play basketball.


Watching our granddaughter in ND while we live in Arizona is awesome!